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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Large selection of NFTs
  • View ETH and USD value of NFTs
  • Create and list NFTs for free
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Mintable Marketplace Review: A New Platform for Trading and Creating Digital Art

Mintable, an up-and-coming name in the NFT sphere, is an excellent destination for collectors and digital artists, thanks to its extensive range of digital assets and its intuitive, easy-to-use interface. This platform caters to a variety of non-fungible tokens, encompassing everything from digital art and music to in-game items and other unique collectibles. Purchasing these digitally-crafted gems is a breeze on Mintable using Ethereum (ETH). If you’re considering whether Mintable is the right platform for your digital art journey, dive into our comprehensive review.


  • Digital art, music, videos, collectibles, in-game items, metaverse items, NFTs with various functionality


  • 2.5% for regular NFTs, 5% for gasless NFTs, 10% for printable NFTs


  • Ethereum, Immutable X, and Zilliqand Zilliqa

Platform Features

  • Services: Buy, sell, mint
  • Supported Wallets: Metamask
  • Payment Methods: Credit and debit card, cryptocurrency (ETH)


  • Mintable is a top NFT marketplace because of its wide selection of NFTs, ability for creators to seamlessly mint and sell NFTs for free, and a user interface that can be mastered with little technical know-how in minutes.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Large selection of NFTs
  • View ETH and USD value of NFTs
  • Create and list NFTs for free


  • Relatively high transaction fees
  • Purchases can only be made with Ethereum
  • No dedicated iOS or Android app
  • Only supports wallets that can interact with dApps


Complete review os the Mintable Marketplace

Primarily designed for NFT enthusiasts seeking a streamlined platform to generate, purchase, and trade NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, Mintable does not disappoint.


A Brief on Mintable

Mintable is a user-friendly NFT marketplace operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers users an effortless process to generate, buy, and sell a vast array of NFTs. To partake in Mintable’s offerings, users must have ETH, one of the dominant cryptocurrencies in the market. Mintable serves as a fantastic starting point for those looking to dive into the expansive NFT universe.

Top benefits

Extensive Collection of NFTs

With a vast collection of digital art neatly organized into categories like music, videos, art, collectibles, and more, Mintable takes the user experience up a notch. With millions of unique items at your disposal, initiating your NFT purchasing journey has never been easier. If you’re still acclimatizing to the realm of digital assets and cryptocurrency valuations, Mintable offers you the flexibility to view the values of items in USD as an alternative to ETH.
Beyond conventional digital art, Mintable breaks new ground by providing specialized NFTs with unique attributes, like website domains. The platform houses thousands of domain name NFTs ready for purchase. Alongside, you’ll discover a world of 3D models and metaverse real estate on Mintable, making it a one-stop solution for all your metaverse and NFT cravings.

NFT Listing and Creation

Mintable allows users to mint NFTs free of charge, using a range of formats including JPEGs, GIFs, sound bytes, video clips, and more. Late in 2021, Mintable unveiled its gasless minting feature, translating to free minting for users. Furthermore, sellers have the option to attach downloadable files to an NFT and authorize copyright transfer upon sale. Regardless of tech-savviness, anyone can effortlessly craft and list their own NFTs on Mintable’s intuitive platform.

Moreover, Mintable gives artists the opportunity to perpetually reap the rewards from the sale of their work. Suppose an artist assigns a 10% royalty on their NFT, and it’s subsequently resold for $1,000 – they’ll earn a cool $100 royalty.

Areas for Improvement

Comparatively High Transaction Fees

When juxtaposed with other leading NFT marketplaces, Mintable’s transaction fees are on the steeper side. These fees vary depending on the type of NFT involved. Normal NFTs carry a more manageable fee of 2.5%, but for gasless NFTs and printable items, these fees escalate. Gasless purchases attract a 5% transaction fee, while printable items come with a hefty 10% fee.

Crypto Wallet Specifications

For optimal usage, Mintable endorses Metamask as the preferred crypto wallet for its platform. To interact with Mintable, wallets must possess the capability to interact with decentralized applications (dApps). If your current wallet lacks this functionality, you might need to consider switching to a compatible wallet. It’s important to note that any wallet used on Mintable needs to be stocked with ETH for transactions.

Limited Cryptocurrency Support

On Mintable, all transactions must be carried out in ETH. This limitation may prove restrictive for users who don’t hold ETH, potentially preventing them from making desired purchases.


Alternative Platforms to Explore

  • If you wish to transact in other cryptocurrencies: OpenSea provides the facility to buy, sell, and mint NFTs using a broad array of popular cryptocurrencies. It mirrors Mintable’s functionality and is a valuable platform to consider if you aim to delve deep into NFT investments.
  • If you prefer lower transaction fees: Rarible, another NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain, might be a better fit. This platform boasts lower transaction fees compared to Mintable, although it doesn’t offer the same level of user-friendliness. Rarible suits seasoned NFT collectors and creators who are comfortable navigating through some technical complexities to conserve their cryptocurrency.


Platform Specifications

Mintable stands apart from other NFT marketplaces because to a variety of features.

Services Provided

The buying, selling, and minting of your own NFTs are made simple and cost-free via Mintable. The platform is a helpful tool for newcomers to the industry because of its comprehensive approach to NFT transactions.

Supported Blockchains

Constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, Mintable also accommodates Immutable X, an Ethereum-based NFT scalability solution. Additionally, Mintable extends its support to the Zilliqa blockchain. Immutable X and Zilliqa both maintain close ties with Ethereum and adhere to similar operational standards.

Compatible Wallets

Currently, Mintable suggests the utilization of Metamask. However, users have the liberty to connect any wallet that is compatible with dApps, such as Rainbow and Trust Wallet, among others. If your wallet isn’t decentralized application-friendly, it may not be suitable for use. At this point, Metamask stands as our top recommendation for an ideal NFT wallet.

Payment Methods

Mintable transactions exclusively accept ETH. Although credit and debit card purchases are allowed, these incur a 5% fee and are used ultimately to procure ETH for the final transaction.


A selection of transactions conducted on Mintable come with varying fees depending on the nature of the NFT. The standard fee for an NFT on Mintable is 2.5%, a percentage that escalates to 5% for gasless transactions. For printable item purchases, this fee doubles yet again to 10%. Depending on the type of NFT you’re dealing with, the fees can significantly increase.


NFTs Are Available on Mintable?

Mintable showcases a broad selection of NFTs. The platform simplifies navigation by dividing various categories of NFTs into easily identifiable subsections, such as music or video, which in turn house more specialized categories.

Further interesting offerings on Mintable reside in the collectibles and utility sections. These encompass a fascinating array of items, ranging from 3D models to domains available for purchase.

On Mintable, you’ll find digital avatars, virtual real estate, and other metaverse paraphernalia. The sports section houses NFTs associated with remarkable sporting moments and stellar athletes.

Mintable is sure to captivate your interest, whatever your inclination.


It is safe to use Mintable?

While dealing with Mintable or any other NFT marketplace, buyers must be cautious. Unscrupulous users may trick people into purchasing falsely advertised goods. Although Mintable promises to stop fraudulent NFTs as soon as they are discovered, given the volume of NFT transactions, some frauds might go undetected. Mintable quickly restored its security procedures after one big security event, and no assets were lost. You cannot save your cryptocurrencies or NFTs with Mintable.

An NFT is stored in your wallet on the blockchain and is accessible to you via a secure key you obtain after purchasing it. As a result, purchasing NFTs through Mintable is as safe as doing it through the Ethereum network.


Mintable is the right choice for you if:

  • You want to print and produce NFTs for nothing.
  • You feel confident using a compatible wallet and making ETH transactions.


Mintable Ranking

Mintable is a top NFT marketplace because of its wide selection of NFTs, ability for creators to seamlessly mint and sell NFTs for free.

Look & Feel
Customer Support
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Large selection of NFTs
  • View ETH and USD value of NFTs
  • Create and list NFTs for free
  • Relatively high transaction fees
  • Purchases can only be made with Ethereum
  • No dedicated iOS or Android app
  • Only supports wallets that can interact with dApps
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