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  • Buy and sell gaming NFTs
  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards
  • No buyer鈥檚 fee
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Axie Infinity Marketplace Review: The Best Place to Build a Team of Axies

Presenting the Axie Infinity Marketplace, the top NFT market serving players of one of the most well-known cryptographic video games. Users can effortlessly exchange their NFTs for the fascinating species, priceless goods, and sought-after territory found in Axie Infinity here. This market is the quickest route to get started if you’re eager to start your gaming adventure. Join us as we explore the features of the Axie Infinity Marketplace in-depth, considering whether it is the best option for you.


  • Gaming


  • 5.25% Axie Marketplace fee for sellers


  • Ethereum with Ronin sidechain

Platform Features

  • Services: Buy, sell
  • Supported Wallets: Ronin Wallet
  • Payment Methods: Ethereum (ETH)


  • This marketplace has everything Axie Infinity players need to start playing and build a winning team. Since it focuses on Axie Infinity, it won’t work for investors who want to buy other types of NFTs.


  • Buy and sell gaming NFTs
  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards
  • No buyer’s fee


  • Only offers one type of NFT
  • High seller’s fee
  • Requires multiple wallets


Complete review of the Axie Infinity Marketplace

Ideal for blockchain gaming enthusiasts seeking to acquire creatures and other NFTs to enhance their Axie Infinity gameplay experience.

Top Benefits

Buy and Sell Gaming NFTs

The Axie Infinity Marketplace is unique as a specialized marketplace devoted just to NFTs connected to the enormously well-liked Axie Infinity game. Players can engage in thrilling combat, go on captivating expeditions, and even breed new Axies with their large collection of hundreds of thousands of Axies, which are distinctive digital pets with unique traits and rarities. The market also provides numerous in-game products and territory within the game’s globe.
NFTs that you buy from the Axie Infinity Marketplace are automatically included in your inventory. If you decide to sell any of the assets you’ve purchased, you have the choice of doing so at a set price or using an auction-based method.

Earn Cryptocurrency through Axie Infinity

The play-to-earn elements of Axie Infinity, which let players earn bitcoin through in-game incentives, are a strong argument for why the game is becoming more and more well-liked. Due to the fact that selling NFTs is not the only way to earn from your investment, this novel feature gives you another way to make money.
Some players choose to buy Axies and actively participate in the game in order to earn their own cryptocurrency rewards. You can sell or lease axes to other players, and in return, they share a portion of their profits with you. These deals are often called scholarships.

No Buyer’s Fee

The Axie Infinity Marketplace distinguishes itself from many other NFT markets by not charging buyers any fees. The ability to purchase NFTs without paying any additional fees is a unique and noteworthy benefit. It’s vital to remember, too, that adding Ethereum to your Ronin Wallet鈥攁 need for using this platform鈥攊nvolves paying gas fees.
Explore the Axie Infinity Marketplace’s boundless potential to satisfy your enthusiasm for blockchain gaming, acquire highly sought-after NFTs, and open up novel opportunities for financial advancement.

Areas for Improvement

Limited NFT Variety

Only one kind of NFT is available in the Axie Infinity Marketplace, which only serves players of the Axie Infinity game. If you want a broader range of NFT options like digital art, movies, sports highlights, or other categories, explore different marketplaces.

High Seller’s Fee

The Axie Infinity Marketplace charges a 5.25% fee to sellers. For instance, you would pay $52.50 in fees if you sold an Axie for $1,000. When compared to other NFT marketplaces, which offer a lesser rate of 2.5%, this cost is rather hefty.

Requirement of Multiple Wallets

While the Axie Infinity Marketplace is relatively user-friendly, it necessitates the use of multiple wallets: Ronin Wallet and MetaMask. The marketplace utilizes the Ronin sidechain, which requires Ethereum in your Ronin Wallet for purchasing. You can deposit Ethereum from your MetaMask wallet. Fortunately, many consider MetaMask as one of the top NFT wallets out there.


Alternative Options to Consider

  • OpenSea: If you want to buy and trade different kinds of NFTs, OpenSea offers a wide variety in many fields, including the arts, music, sports, and virtual worlds. Because to the unmatched diversity of this market, you can find new NFT investments or even mint and sell your own inventions. OpenSea also accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as payment options.
  • Mintable: For those interested in minting their own NFTs, Mintable offers a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. Unlike many other platforms, Mintable provides the option of gasless minting, eliminating transaction fees associated with creating NFTs. With its straightforward approach, Mintable is particularly well-suited for beginners seeking a hassle-free NFT minting experience.

Consider these alternative platforms to expand your NFT horizons and find the platform that best aligns with your specific interests and requirements.


Platform Features

The well-known Axie Infinity game and its related NFTs are the center of the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Let’s investigate the variety of services it provides and the platform’s functionality.


You have the option to buy and sell gaming NFTs designed expressly for use in Axie Infinity via the Axie Infinity Marketplace. These NFTs include Axies (the game’s critters), virtual terrain, things, and collections of other things. It’s crucial to remember that playing Axie Infinity requires a minimum of three Axies.
Any of your owned NFTs that you own can be listed for sale on the market from your inventory. You can also practice Axie breeding to produce novel and distinctive Axies.

Blockchain Integration

The Axie Infinity Marketplace is built upon the Ethereum blockchain. To facilitate faster transaction processing and reduce fees, the platform leverages a sidechain called Ronin.

Supported Wallets

To interact with the Axie Infinity Marketplace, you must utilize the Ronin Wallet as it is the sole supported wallet on the platform. To enable transactions, you’ll also need to install MetaMask, which allows you to transfer Ethereum to your Ronin Wallet. Ethereum serves as the primary currency for purchasing NFTs within Axie Infinity. For U.S. customers, options to get Ethereum in your Ronin Wallet might be restricted.

Payment Methods

The Axie Infinity Marketplace exclusively accepts Ethereum as the payment method for all transactions. You can acquire Ethereum from various leading cryptocurrency exchanges.


When it comes to fees, the Axie Marketplace imposes a 5.25% fee that is borne by the seller.
Buyers don’t pay any fees. From the total fee, the Community Treasury receives 4.25%. If the NFT has a creator code, that creator gets 1%. Without a creator code, the full 5.25% goes to the Community Treasury.
Compared to other prominent NFT marketplaces, the Axie Infinity Marketplace does have higher fees for sellers, with alternative platforms often charging a 2.5% fee. However, this is partially offset by the absence of fees for buyers, which distinguishes the marketplace in its own right.


Which NFTs can be bought from the Axie Infinity Marketplace?

The Axie Infinity Marketplace offers various types of NFTs specifically designed for use within the Axie Infinity online game. These include:
1 – Axies: unique and powerful creatures with their own abilities.
2 – Land: Players can purchase virtual land within the game world and customize it.
3 – Items: In-game items available that can enhance gameplay or provide additional features.
4 – Bundles: collections of multiple assets packaged together for convenience.

It’s important to note that this Marketplace exclusively focuses on NFTs related to the game and does not offer products from other categories such as music, digital art, or domains.


Is it safe to use Axie Infinity Marketplace?

Due to its immense popularity, the Axie Infinity Marketplace is frequently targeted by hackers. The security of your NFTs relies heavily on the integrity of your Ronin Wallet and the precautions taken to protect it from theft, including safeguarding your seed phrase and preventing unauthorized access.

To ensure the safety of your wallet, it is crucial to exercise caution when interacting with links and adopt secure storage methods for your seed phrase. Unfortunately, there have been reports of wallet hacks resulting in the loss of cryptocurrency and NFTs by some customers. In November 2021, an individual infiltrated Axie Infinity’s Discord channel and disseminated a fake notice containing a link aimed at stealing Ethereum. The platform promptly acknowledged responsibility for the incident, compensating those who suffered financial losses and implementing improved security measures for their Discord channel.

For gaming enthusiasts, the Axie Infinity Marketplace offers an ideal venue to immerse themselves in the captivating universe of Axie Infinity. It caters to individuals interested in both active gameplay and investment opportunities with cryptocurrencies. You can choose to invest in Axies and earn money by renting them out to other players, or actively participate in Axie Infinity yourself and earn bitcoin incentives.

These enticing options are readily available on the Axie Infinity Marketplace, providing players with entertaining activities and the opportunity to win cryptocurrencies.


Axie Infinity Ranking

The Axie Infinity Marketplace is the NFT marketplace for one of the most popular crypto video games.

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  • Buy and sell gaming NFTs
  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards
  • No buyer鈥檚 fee
  • Only offers one type of NFT
  • High seller鈥檚 fee
  • Requires multiple wallets
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