Smart Media Token

A digital asset called a “smart media token” is a feature available on the Steem blockchain, allowing any user to launch it with the aim of monetizing online content and promoting active user engagement.

Smart media tokens were initially introduced by Steemit, a blockchain platform that enables users to create and publish posts while earning compensation through upvotes from Steemit readers.

These tokens provide a means for anyone to create their own cryptocurrency, featuring fast and feeless transfers that take only three seconds. Remarkably, you don’t even need to possess coding skills to create your own cryptocurrency using a smart media token.

Once you establish the characteristics and functionalities of your token, you transfer control to the Steem blockchain, which initiates an airdrop. This enables publishers, creators, and entrepreneurs to launch their custom tokens and monetize their digital content. By rewarding consumers who engage with their content through likes, votes, views, shares, and comments, content creators can foster a stronger connection with their audience.

The advantages of launching a smart media token include:

  1. Three-second block times
  2. Zero fees
  3. “Proof-of-Brain” algorithm, which autonomously distributes tokens to the most valuable community members
  4. Easy integration into existing websites, apps, or platforms

If you are already utilizing Steemit, you are already on the right track. If you haven’t explored Steemit yet, I encourage you to do so. It is a thriving community of individuals interested in the concept of free press, sharing diverse topics within the crypto space and beyond. Moreover, you can publish your own content on Steemit and earn Steem tokens in return.

Smart media tokens hold immense potential for the future of media. Given the option to support your favorite authors by simply upvoting their content rather than enduring advertisements, the choice becomes clear and favorable.