Jumblr, a feature of Komodo, provides its users with the ability to make private payments. The functionality of Jumblr involves exchanging the cryptocurrency used for payment and blending it with other cryptocurrencies before executing an anonymous transaction.

Jumblr, a decentralized coin shuffling service, was created by SuperNet. Coin shuffling involves the process of mixing funds to make it challenging for trackers to observe fund movements, sender and recipient identities, and transaction origins and destinations.

To illustrate, if you wish to shuffle your Bitcoin using Jumblr, your Bitcoins are converted into Komodo coins. Transactions involving Komodo coins are protected by Zero-Knowledge proof technology, ensuring privacy on that blockchain. Subsequently, the coins are shuffled and converted back into Bitcoins, which are then sent to your desired destination address.

Jumblr also utilizes atomic cross-blockchain swaps to facilitate seamless transitions between BTC and Komodo. The service charges a nominal fee of 0.3% per transaction, providing assured confidentiality at a minimal cost.

To utilize this service, Jumblr is integrated into the Agama wallet. This integration allows Jumblr to leverage the capabilities of SuperNet, which developed a novel approach enabling users to maintain the confidentiality of coin shuffling transactions and identities. SuperNet introduces an additional layer of privacy by combining zero-knowledge proof technology with the Jumblr service, thus ensuring two levels of confidentiality for users.

Jumblr employs zk-SNARKS privacy technology to anonymize Bitcoins or Komodo, effectively combining these features.

An additional advantage of Jumblr is its decentralization. Unlike most other shuffling services that are centralized and entail high fees, Jumblr enables users to retain control over their coins. This decentralized nature empowers users to remain in control without having to relinquish control of their coins to any third party.