Feature within the Darkcoin cryptocurrency that enables users to carry out anonymous transactions.

If you are interested in financial privacy and freedom, it may be beneficial for you to learn about Darksend. Darksend originated from coinjoin, an anonymity feature initially implemented in Bitcoin, which eventually evolved into its own concept.

Darksend is a further development branching off from coinjoin, utilizing the Darkcoin network to facilitate coinjoins between coins for enhanced privacy. There are speculations that if Darksend becomes open source, it could potentially be integrated into Bitcoin with some minor modifications, subject to agreement among core developers. These modifications would not require a hardfork but would involve masternodes, who are paid by those participating in coinjoins, utilizing the darksend feature.

To become a DarkSend masternode and validate transactions, it is important to note that you need to hold 1000DRK. Masternodes receive 10% of the block reward from each new block, creating a balanced reward system in the long run. However, some concerns have been raised about this reward system, as it relies on trusting that a user running a DarkSend masternode is not compromising trustless verification.

Consider the bandwidth costs associated with running a masternode. In this regard, DarkSend would work better if masternodes were paid by the participants they assist in coinjoining, or if a decentralized collaboration without masternodes was established.

As with any new technology, there are advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial to conduct your own thorough research beyond this introductory explanation to optimize your experience and utilization of Darksend.