Coin control

A feature in the Bitcoin Core wallet that enables users to choose specific coins for spending and designate the Change Address for any remaining balance.

A method for having complete control over your coins.

You might not be aware of this, but your bitcoin wallet randomly selects which of your numerous BTC addresses to use when sending money to someone else if you have multiple BTC addresses stored inside.

While using coin control, you may select which addresses send and, more precisely, which unspent outputs serve as the sending inputs.

No matter how much you mix your currencies, if you value privacy, you must learn to employ coin control; else, you will lose your anonymity.

Just by returning control of your coins to your own hands, coin control aids in preventing address reuse.

After all, managing your coins by controlling the addresses they flow into and out of is the fundamental privacy strategy (which dates back to the Bitcoin whitepaper).

Hence, we advise consumers to have many addresses rather than keeping all of their coins in one address if they value security and privacy.

Reading articles and watching YouTube videos can help you practice coin management. One wallet that enables coin management practice is the BitcoinQt wallet. If you think that’s important, think about employing it.