A user-friendly Bitcoin wallet that offers an appealing interface while maintaining compatibility with the fundamental Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin-Qt is a desktop wallet that allows you to make payments in Bitcoin. If you’re a merchant or require additional payment services, you can also utilize its server utility.

Often referred to as the “official” wallet client of the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin-Qt is developed and promoted by the Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together BTC developers and facilitating community interactions with corporations and governments.

Curiously, you may even find physical Bitcoin Foundation branches in numerous countries worldwide.

The original wallet program, Bitcoin-Qt, was released as open-source code by the mysterious and still anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, earning it the nickname “Satoshi client.”

Since then, various changes have taken place. Notably, a significant hardfork split led by Roger Ver resulted in the renaming of Bitcoin-Qt to “Bitcoin Core” starting from version 0.9.

Although Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity remains unknown, the responsibility of decision-making and code changes for the official wallet was passed on to Gavin Andresen.

In 2014, Gavin Andresen entrusted this responsibility to Vladimir van der Laan. However, changes are made collaboratively, as the main developer collaborates with other kernel developers like Jeff Garzik, Gregory Maxwell, and Peter Wooll.

Despite Bitcoin-Qt’s creation a decade ago, these core developers continuously work on implementing technical innovations and updates to enhance the wallet’s functionality.

If you opt to use Bitcoin-Qt, be aware that it will require some time for a full synchronization. This process is essential for your security and ensures the safe use of the Bitcoin-Qt wallet.