A revised implementation of the Bitcoin Protocol created using the Javascript programming language

Bitcoin network’s actual coins are regulated by open-source software. BitcoinJS is something of a reinterpretation of the original Bitcoin, but implemented using Node.js and web technologies.

BitcoinJS utilizes the fundamentals of the Bitcoin protocol for sending and receiving transactions through the Webcoin frontend. All official components of BitcoinJS are released under the MIT license.

As a developer contemplating the use of BitcoinJS, you may question the trustworthiness of this code. As a common adage in the crypto community advises: “Don’t trust. Verify.”

The good news is, if you’re planning to use this library and the BitcoinJS ecosystem, you are encouraged to scrutinize and validate any base code for its appropriateness and correctness. This may involve examining all of your project’s dependencies.

Remember that errors and glitches do occur. Thus, if you spot any, your assistance in rectifying and reporting issues contributes to the enhancement of this open-source software.

Fear not. BitcoinJS is:

  • Easy to audit and validate,
  • Thoroughly tested, with a test coverage exceeding 95%,
  • Packed with advanced features,
  • Standardized, using prettier and Node Buffer’s throughout, and
  • Backed by a supportive and helpful community, ever ready to answer queries.

Moreover, it’s employed by a solid set of projects, including:

  • Hive Wallet
  • Dark Wallet
  • BitAddress
  • GreenAddress
  • Skyhook ATM
  • Dogechain Wallet
  • Justcoin Exchange
  • Brainwallet
  • Coinpunk

Get ready to unleash your coding prowess!