Best Games is known for its wide range of games, including exclusive Stake Originals, with high RTPs and provably fair technology…, an online casino that launched in 2017, has quickly become a hotspot in the iGaming industry, attracting over 10 million monthly visitors. The key to its soaring popularity lies in the diverse and engaging games it offers, ranging from fan favorites to exclusive titles, providing a rich and entertaining casino experience.

Ultimate Online Casino Experience at stands out in the online casino world, earning a strong reputation and a dedicated following in just a few years. The array of gaming options is a significant draw for the platform, with over 10 million monthly visitors. The slots at, featuring free spins, multipliers, wilds, and bonus games, are particularly appealing to players. However, the casino’s offerings extend beyond just slots. provides a world-class casino experience with a variety of games to suit all budgets and playing styles. This includes classic table games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, as well as an extensive selection of live casino games for an immersive experience, complete with real live dealers and live streaming.

Stake Originals: Unique Crypto Casino Games

For those seeking something beyond slots and traditional table games, Stake Originals offer a unique twist. These exclusive crypto casino games provide distinctive gameplay not commonly found in mainstream casinos. Titles like Stake Crash, Plinko, HiLo, Dragon Tower, Limbo, Mines, and more keep players returning. The Stake Originals are considered some of the best games available on Stake, attracting players with their innovative and exclusive gaming experiences.

Enjoy the Best Games on All Devices ensures a seamless gaming experience across various devices, be it mobile or desktop. Tests have shown that the games are responsive and do not suffer from prolonged loading times, making them accessible and enjoyable for all users. The platform’s design, featuring intuitive functions, clear categories, and a handy search bar, facilitates easy navigation. This user-friendly approach allows players to effortlessly find and enjoy the best games. The games perform flawlessly on mobile devices, and with fair limits, they cater to players with diverse budgets and experience levels.

Top 4 Stake Online Casino Games Overview offers a variety of engaging games, and among them, four have stood out as hot favorites. Here’s a brief introduction to these top games:



Stake Crash stands out as an extremely popular and highly rated game on When players log onto the game, they can see the number of users betting on each game round, allowing for a communal play experience against the house. The goal of Stake Crash is to predict how long the market will rise before it crashes. The element of randomness in the crash makes the game thrilling, as staying in the game for too long can be risky. The longer players stay before the crash, the higher their bet multipliers accumulate, offering the chance for larger winnings. Stake Crash boasts an impressive average (RTP) rate of 99% and employs provably fair technology, enabling players to verify the randomness of each round through the blockchain.



Stake Plinko, recognized for its simplicity, is a prominent game among Stake Originals. The game features a triangular board filled with pins. At the triangle’s base are various multipliers that players can win. A ball is released from the top and navigates through the pin maze to land at the bottom, where it can earn a prize multiplier. However, there’s a catch: the triangle’s open sides mean the ball could exit the play area, resulting in a loss of the stake.

Players have several customization options for each round. They can choose their bet size and the level of volatility, ranging from low to high. Additionally, players can decide how many rows of pins (between 8 and 16) they want to play with. Similar to Stake Crash, Stake Plinko is also a crypto casino game underpinned by provably fair technology, ensuring transparent and fair gameplay.



Stake’s HiLo is a captivating online casino game that challenges players to predict whether the next card drawn from the pack will be higher or lower than the one currently displayed on the screen. The game provides statistical odds, expressed in percentages, indicating the likelihood of the next card being higher or lower. Choosing the more likely option results in a lower multiplier upon winning, while opting for the less likely outcome offers the potential for a higher payout due to increased risk. Additionally, players have the option to skip a card if they prefer not to wager on it.

Consistent with many Stake Originals, HiLo features a provably fair system. This allows players to access the open-source code of the game, enabling them to verify the fairness of each game round independently.



Stake’s Dragon Tower is an engaging guessing game where players embark on a quest to find the dragon’s egg within a tower. The tower is structured with 9 levels, and the width of each level, comprising a certain number of blocks, varies based on the chosen skill level or difficulty. The game’s volatility affects the potential rewards, with higher volatility offering greater rewards for successful guesses.

Players progress through the game one row at a time. To advance to the next level, they must select the block concealing the dragon’s egg. If the player correctly identifies the block with the egg, they move up the tower. A wrong guess, however, results in a loss. The ultimate goal is to successfully navigate through all nine levels of the tower to claim the final prize.

GameOddsRTPMinimum Deposit
Stake CrashVaries based on multiplier98%$10
Stake PlinkoVaries based on slot96%$5
Stake HiLoVaries based on card97%$1
Stake Dragon TowerVaries based on tower level95%$20

Conclusion: The Unmatched Excellence of Games sets itself apart in the online gaming world with an impressive collection of over 1,000 games from top-tier developers. These games are not just entertaining and enjoyable, but they also stand out with their exceptional features and stunning graphics. This remarkable assortment of games is a key reason why millions of players flock to each month. The best games truly place the platform in a unique position, offering unmatched quality and variety.

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